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I am not Lucifer anymore ..
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You’re here again – and of a sudden
A warmth long gone floods my dead heart,
And all I thought forgot, unbidden
Returns, of me becomes a part...
Thank you so much for amazing high tip, it was very cool and unexpected :)
I appreciate it x
Dear Lucifer 💘
So many times you believed in me, helped me achieve such amazing heights! With your support I know - everything is possible! This Top3 just one of the countless examples of you kindness. Just...thank you. This mean the world to me.
Thank you for your support last week, I appreciate :)
💘 Thanks A lot for Your Support! Queen of Queens Bongacams 2nd Place From 20 of January 2020!💘 will Remember that Always! My Hot Super Friend 💗
Who is Lucifer? - Answer the question.....
Devil evil? Perhaps the abode of hell?
As much as we had to dignify?
Who has he il who was? And indeed it is necessary to take it to us ?!
After many versions of its origin ...
He wears the glory of "Mephisto", "Satan"
But I want to say to all, without a doubt, regret
That he was not a recluse, and not quite the same as we perceive it!
After all, he was originally a creation of God.
He was a symbol and light, and fire!
And which led to the collapse, destruction?
All that was himself.
He wa***nown honorably, respect
His favorite was the Most High.
In his mind and heart was not contempt
No hate, anger, darkness ...
No malice to that of any "hidden" ugliness
Neither pride nor secret thoughts or intentions of those ...
That appeared soon due
That is not recognized and was expelled from all
He is a fallen angel, but he is truly glorious wise genius!
Lord banished unjustly condemned
He was deprived of his power and his boards
He was offended by the creator of heaven.
You know, we all like him
The heart and soul of the light in the darkness tondeme
And often not even able
We deal with life and with ourselves.
He is a fallen angel. Outcast. he Lucifer.
And the pain and the fear, and the veins in his blood boil.
And anger, Silent and weeping, weeping areas.
And refused to condemned, not worthy hi gift - love.
He was crushed and driven out, and for what?
For his particular, another exceptional way?
For their disobedience? for what?
Hi wanted to take a look outside?
Everyone has their own version of the ...
But for me personally ...
Stayed angel, he light carrier Fire!
misterious and gentelman !!!! glad to know you and be your friend, hugs and kiissess:*